ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA (as of August 09, 2021) — It was a historically significant day of APU JSC that the company became the first to surpass the market capitalization mark of MNT1 billion from among the publicly traded companies listed at the Mongolian Stock Exchange.  

“The market value of the company has reached ₮ 1 trillion and that alone makes up 25% of the Mongolian stock market and building the foundation for the next stage of development for the Mongolian business enter the global market. This is the merit of domestic and foreign investors who trust us” stated Mr. P.Batsaikhan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of APU JSC.

APU JSC was one of the first food manufacturing companies in Mongolia established in 1924. It was built into a joint stock company by the decision of the Government in 1992 and was fully privatized in 2001. Over the past 20 years, APU has become one of the top companies in the liquid food industry, achieving also the size where it is an important determinant of the market growth, and a national top company as a result of a three-stage investment and technology innovation program worth over $100 million.

The company currently operates as a group with more than 2,000 employees, and in composition of 8 subsidiaries and 1 affiliate, distributing products and services more equally over the country through well beyond 10,000 customers. Moreover, China and Russia are identified as strategic export markets, and a trade and industrial cooperation agreement was signed with Tatspirtprom JSC, a leader in the Russian market in 2019. At the same time, as a result of expediting expansion of the beer sales network in the Chinese market, the total volume of exports to the two countries has increased sixfold compared to the previous year.

In 2017, an unprecedented merging took place in the liquid food sector and stock market of the country, with Heineken and Shunkhlai Group incorporating their vodka, beer and beverage production and distribution businesses in Mongolia to form a strong consolidation. As a result of the merger, APU's stock was changed to 1,064,181,553 shares, and the world's leading beer company Heineken became the owner of 25% of the company's shares. In addition to consolidating its leading position in the domestic market, the company gained international recognition as a major producer of liquid food, which laid the beginning of becoming the highest or most valuable company on the local Stock Exchange.

 “During the past 30 years of development of the Mongolian stock market, APU JSC has been focusing on contributing to all sectors of the public and private sectors, including shareholders, consumers and customers, with an open and radical transparency in corporate governance. In particular, the company is focusing on implementing a human resource-centered management policy in line with the corporate mission and values, and keeps development of its employees abreast with ever-changing socio-economic changes, overcoming its challenges while retaining talents and maintaining job places. The company expedited expansion of the community-development projects as part of its mission by integrating them with the global "Sustainable Development Goals" states Ts.Erdenebileg, CEO of APU JSC.

APU, as an integral part of  the development history of the Mongolian stock market, is progressing to the next stage and is consolidating the foundation for continuous flourishing. Striving to maintain its leading position in the market, technological innovation and business success in the future, the company is perseverantly institutionalizing the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility at all stages of its operation,expanding its exports, it seeks new markets and opportunities. Ultimately, the company aims to be the first internationally listed non-mining public Mongolian company.